A Tangled Yarn Cover Pam DeVoe Oct 2013

  • published by Annie’s Publishing as part of their Creative Woman Mystery series.
  • (
  • When Shannon McClain and the Purls of Hope visit the alpaca and llama farm of Luke and Selena Barlow, little do they know that the twisted path of the next few days will lead them from their peaceful small town of Apple Grove, Oregon, straight to the brink of disaster.

The Crate Beyond

  • published by Annie’s Publishing as part of their Antique Shop Mysteries series.
  • (
  • When an unexpected message require Maggie to go through long-ignored boxes from her late husband’s archaeology lab, she discovers more than just priceless Native American artifacts in her storage room.

Travel to Ancient China in the comfort of your home!

PA De Voe writes historical mysteries bringing to life early Ming Dynasty China (late 1300s-early 1400s) in all its glory–and with a human touch!

Paige Turner, an Amazon reviewer: “Just as Ellis Peters wrote the immensely popular brother Cadfael mystery series set in Medieval England, P.A. De Voe is establishing quite a reputation for her imaginative and clever mysteries set in early Ming Dynasty China”

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  • Available now through Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble

Cover Hidden front cover only March 2015

  • the first book in a YA historical/adventure/mystery trilogy
  • It’s the beginning of the newly established Ming Dynasty and is a time of  change.  Mei-hua, the mixed-race daughter of a widowed magistrate, however, soon finds that change can mean disaster and danger to her and those she loves.


Warned in jpeg Aug 2015

  • Available through Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble
  • a 2016 Silver Falchion AWARD WINNER in the Best International category
  • In 1380 China, only a thin, permeable border separates life and death, the visible realm and the netherworld. A dangerous border that is too easily crossed. This is Mei-hua’s world.Mei-hua lives behind the walls of her adopted family’s luxurious home in the bustling city of Hangzhou. However, her sense of peace and security is destroyed when she discovers a good and trusted friend has been seized by a mysterious affliction, leaving him on the brink of death. As she rushes to his side, a ragged beggar stops her and warns of dangers ahead.At her friend’s house, a Taoist priest travels to the netherworld in search of the cause behind the strange illness. The priest returns with a deadly ultimatum: her friend may escape death, but only if Mei-hua is willing to make a tremendous sacrifice. Mei-hua wants to help him. But can she? Should she? And at what cost?


TrappedKindleFinal Dec 14th 2015

  • Available through Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble
  • A 2017 Agatha Award-nominee in the middle grade/young adult category and a 2017 Silver Falchion finalist.
  • The Dragon Boat Festival is a time of partying and merrymaking, a time to disperse evil spirits and illnesses. In the midst of these festivities, however, lurks a menace more serious than any Mei-hua has encountered so far.
  • Mei-hua is close to discovering who is behind the attempts to destroy her father, a district judge. To gain information, she searches through the streets and shops of Hangzhou City at the height of the Dragon Boat Festival celebrations. As she advances in her hunt, her creativity and strength are tested as never before.


the Mei-hua Trilogy

  • Hidden, Warned, and Trapped are now all available in one ebook box-set through Amazon.
The Mei-hua Trilogy box set


Deadly Relations, A Ming Dynasty Mystery

  • The first in A Ming Dynasty Mystery series
  • Look for it on Amazon.
  • As Hong Shu-chang struggles to move out of poverty, his father and uncle are murdered. Facing destitution, yet determined to find their killers, he takes a position as teacher in a nearby town where he meets Xiang-hua, the enigmatic local women’s doctor. Soon, a burned-out warehouse and two more mysterious deaths lead to his teaming up with Xiang-hua, and together they delve into the dark side of the town and its families, endangering both their reputations and lives.

No Way to Die, A Ming Dynasty Mystery

Through mystery and intrigue, No Way To Die transports the reader into the complex and engaging world of early Ming China.

When a peddler finds a partially mutilated body of a stranger, the unlikely duo of a young scholar and a local women’s doctor once more join forces to discover who killed him and why. In probing the highly gendered world of early Ming China, unanticipated questions surface, complicating their investigation.

As their case rapidly transitions into the unexpected, they find all roads leading away from the victim, forcing them to consider alternate routes. Was the death the result of inexorable bad karma and beyond their purview, or merely the result of mortal foul play? Was the murdered man the intended victim? If not, who was and why? The investigation leads to a growing list of potential suspects: a lustful herbalist, an unscrupulous neighbor, a vengeful farmer, a jealous husband, a scorned wife, and a band of thieves. Who is innocent and who is the culprit? To solve the murder and bring peace to the victim’s spirit, the duo must untangle the truth and do it before the murderer strikes again.



Short Stories

I’d never really done much in short stories, however, a friend encouraged me to do more in this area. So, the following are some of my endeavors. Thank you, Kelly Cochran!

As a result of Kelly’s prompting, I began publishing short stories in 2014 and have never stopped. Most of the stories are From Judge Lu’s Case Files series. Judge Lu is a magistrate who lived during the Ming Dynasty in Jiangxi Province in Southern China. These tales are modeled after the stories Chinese magistrates themselves have written over the centuries , as well as other short stories written by the Chinese literati (especially those involving the supernatural or crimes).


Judge Lu short stories available on Amazon:

Judge Lu’s Dilemma: from Judge Lu’s Ming Dynasty Case Files #1

  • The first to come out in 2014, Legacy, from Judge Lu’s Ming Dynasty Case Files, can be found in the online magazine (free!) King River Life’s Father’s Day issue: This story highlights the connection we all have with our fathers and their influence over us—even as adults.
  • A second Judge Lu case file, Reckoning, from Judge Lu’s Ming Dynasty Case Files,  King River Life’s November 29, 2014 online magazine:
  • TheJudge Lu case file, The Demon’s Reckoning, from Judge Lu’s Ming Dynasty Case Files, is in the 2014 anthology Under the Surface, edited by Bradley D. Watson and published by Saturday Writers, St. Peters, MO.




IN THE 2016 ANTHONY AWARD WINNING ANTHOLOGY: The Immortality Mushroom, from Judge Lu’s Ming Dynasty Case Cover IMMORTALITY MUSHROOM for Murder Under the Oaks Anthology July 2015 jpgFiles, published in the Fall of 2015 in Murder Under the Oaks, the Bouchercon 2015 Anthology, edited by Art Taylor. Available from Down & Out Books and Amazon.





Fireworks, from Judge Lu’s Ming Dynasty Case Files, in Flash and Bang, a 2015 Short Mystery Fiction Society Anthology, edited by J. A2015 Flash and Bang Anthologylan Hartman.






Double Trouble, from Judge Lu’s Ming Dynasty Case Files, in Kings River Life’s eMagazine (free!)

The Peddler. from Judge Lu’s Ming Dynasty Case Files, in Elements in Writing, a Saturday Writers’ 2015 Anthology #9.


The Missing Concubine, from Judge Lu’s Ming Dynasty COVER Fish Out of Water Guppy Anthology Apr 2017 Screen Shot Case Files, in Fish Out of Water: A Guppy Anthology. Edited by Ramona DeFelice Long. 2017. Available on Amazon.





The Unseen Opponent. from Judge lu’s Ming Dynasty Case Files, in Charlaine Harris Presents Malice Domestic 12: Mystery Most HistoricCOVER Malice Domestic Mystery Most Historical Apr 2017al. Edited by Verena Rose, Rita Owen, & Shawn Reilly Simmons. 2017 Available through Wildside Press and Amazon.




There are more Judge Lu Ming Dynasty Case Files coming! Stay tuned.

Lotus Shoes, a short story from Ancient China is available on Amazon. This is a prequel to Hidden and the Mei-hua trilogy. 2012.10.30BAt only 4,5,00+ words, it will take you into Mei-hua’s ancient Chinese world. Ideally, Lotus Shoes should only be 4 inches to 5 inches long. When Mei-hua was born, young elite girls were expected to have their feet bound to ensure a good future. The questions is: will Mei-hua’s father force her to bind her feet and wear Lotus Shoes?



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